The story of Sooner

Sooner is an initiative by independent Belgian producers and distributors. The platform was created and launched in 2020, and has been available on the Belgian and Luxembourg markets, as well as in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. With Sooner, we want to offer an alternative approach to independent and European cinema.

The catalog

Sooner offers a rich catalog of films, focusing on independent cinema from Belgium, Europe and beyond. Some films are already classics, others have gone unnoticed or have not been released in cinemas. Sooner gives you the chance to see these films again and again!

Behind the scenes

Sooner is the platform for discovering less well-known directors. Through collections, topical themes and selections created by our teams, we shine the spotlight on important figures in the world of cinema. We also offer festival collections, thanks to our own collection of selected films and prize-winners.

Recommend films

Sooner invites you to discover cinema differently. Share your favorite films via social networks, create your own watchlist, give us your opinion and if you're looking for a specific film, write to us!